About Toni

My name is Toni Vaughn and I am a certified Holistic Health Practitioner, a #1 International Best Selling Author and a Board Certified Life Coach.  Just like many others, I have led a rather uneventful life.  I floated along from state to state, from job to job, raising kids and maneuvering through less than healthy marriages before figuring out my life’s purpose.  I understand the path to mediocrity and personal stagnation because I've been there.  I understand how emotional blocks are created, how they create our current perception of ourselves and the world around us and how to begin breaking them down in order to create new perceptions and a new, more desirable life.     

My book, Drop It Like It's Hot...The Pocket Guide To Letting Go Of Your Blocks, went #1 international best seller in September 2019.  The free coaching coarse is based on the book and the steps to release yourself from those heavy emotional burdens that have kept you from living the life you both desire and deserve.

As a Holistic Health Practitioner I also offer energy work from The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson.  During the one hour session you will be relaxing from the comfort of your own home as I connect with you energetically and release negative trapped emotions from your body.  These trapped emotions come from traumas and intense emotional times in your life that then get stuck in your body.  If left blocked, over time this energy can distort DNA and be responsible for physical illness and disease.  This energy work is incredible but honestly it won't last if you're not working on your thoughts and releasing your mental blocks as well as you will attract it right back to your body if your thoughts don't change as well.  It works really well in conjunction with the life coaching.  That way your releasing the old energy at the same time that you are releasing the thoughts and perceptions that brought them to you in the first place.